Company warehouse to open to the public use,the warehouse is located in the west of China Japan and South Korea FTA cross-border electricity business park on the west side of 200 meters, the development zone of dual D port shengming three road, No. 16. Warehouse of 7.5 meters high, 11 metres x 9 metres span, a ceiling sprinkler, external discharging platform, suitable for a variety of goods storage. The annular channel in the plant area can be in the 17.5 meter long vehicle, and the set of the 12 two meter telescopic door is arranged. Monitor the full coverage to ensure the safety of the area.

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Haiyang guangan international logistics (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is located in the new dual D port and South Korea FTA cross-border electricity suppliers industrial park. Founded in 2015, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, covers an area of 26000 square meters, construction area of 24600 square meters, 480 million yuan of investment in fixed assets, is a bright star in the FTA logistics and trade area.
The company is equipped with all kinds of personnel, and the integration of all kinds of transport vehicles and advanced logistics equipment, warehouse, distribution area of 15000 square meters. And with Cathay precision metal products(Dalian) Co., Ltd., Dalian Xinyuanreli Technology Co., Ltd., many enterprises to establish a long-term relations of cooperation. By dint of stable, reliable, safe operation network, scientific integration of resources, advanced management technology, for all kinds of enterprises to provide a full range of logistics services, we will pay to adhere to "customer for this, a leading service" business philosophy, for customers to provide door to door, warehouse to warehouse in a station type service.
The company is a set of agents of international and domestic air cargo port, logistics and distribution, air express, motor transport, rail transport, warehousing, inter city distribution in one, commodities, real estate agents operating selling, housing rental and other, cross regional, network, informatization, intelligent, integrated supply chain management logistics company.
Company under the leadership of chairman of the board, with the help of the China South Korea free trade agreement came into effect of favorable policies, seize the opportunity, dare to think, dare, the courage to play, pioneering and keeping pace with the times, with resolute courage, by starting the social resources and not stick to one pattern to promote talent success out of a path of development with the characteristics of the new state.
Company to "enterprise does not support idlers, the team does not support lazy" for the purpose of creating the most outstanding team, with "unity and hard work to become bigger and stronger and longer" spirit of enterprise; the operation mode of the "Internet plus intercity transport network" five years and strive to become the most distinctive name brand enterprise.
Companys development goals:
Strive to pull together in times of trouble bigger for unity and hard work!


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