Company warehouse to open to the public use,the warehouse is located in the west of China Japan and South Korea FTA cross-border electricity business park on the west side of 200 meters, the development zone of dual D port shengming three road, No. 16. Warehouse of 7.5 meters high, 11 metres x 9 metres span, a ceiling sprinkler, external discharging platform, suitable for a variety of goods storage. The annular channel in the plant area can be in the 17.5 meter long vehicle, and the set of the 12 two meter telescopic door is arranged. Monitor the full coverage to ensure the safety of the area.
Haiyang guang'an International Logistics (Dalian)CO.,LTD.
ADD:No.16 Shengming3road Develpment Zone Dalian
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Dalian Shengchun Zhuxing Packaging Co., Ltd. has come

    Dalian Shengchun Zhuxing Packaging Co., Ltd. is stationed in Haiyang Guangan International Logistics (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
    Dalian Shengchun Zhuxing Packaging Co., Ltd. was registered with Dalian Jinpu New Area Market Supervision Bureau on August 28, 2008. The registered capital is 300,000 RMB. The company always provides good products and technical support and sound after-sales service for customers. The company mainly deals in the production of wood packaging products and paper packaging products, and the sale of packaging materials.
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